Django Unchained

Zoe Bell & Franco Nero are in Django!


The original Django of 1966, Franco Nero, has a part in Django Unchained, along with Death Proof star (and Uma’s stunt double) Zoe Bell, according to Tom Savini (From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete) in a recent interview with Italian website

Here’s the full interview below, translated from Italian to English by a kind soul on the internet:

For fans of horror, Tom Savini is a true legend, especially for American audiences, who still identifies with the father of special effects that characterized the period of New Horror and American makers of one of the most beloved films of the period : Dawn of the Dead by George Romero. But Savini, who now has long since left his laboratory to dedicate himself full time to his other passion (acting), it is now known for memorable roles such as Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn by Robert Rodriguez. Host, in this first weekend of May, the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas (convention dedicated to horror movies), Savini has spent some ‘time to talk about his cool (and not yet completed) experience on the set of Django Unchained, latest work by Quentin Tarantino. 

So, tell me a little of this umpteenth your experience as an actor on the set of Django Unchained? 

Sure … but ask me to talk about something that is still top secret and highly confidential … (laughs) … however, I think I can safely say that my role is that of a slave trader called Tracker Chaney, which is surrounded by a group of unsavory bad guys played by great actors like James Parks, Robert Carradine, Zoe Bell, the talented stunt that had already acted for Tarantino in Death Proof, and even the KNB guys like Jake Gaber. And then …. hell, I feel that I’m censoring speech for fear of letting something slip that I should not … (laughs) 

Do not worry … let go … you’ve finished your work on the set? 

No, I must return soon to shoot the scene of my death and I hope, as usual, I’ll be given a memorable death! I do not just fall to the ground like an idiot after I got shot, I would be thrown from a window or from a building, to be burned … something truly memorable and shocking, that people remember leaving the cinema 

Well, I guess you will be satisfied. What did you think when you read the script for Django Unchained? 

I thought it was absolutely phenomenal and I would not have lost this role for the world. Until Quentin has not sent me the script, I had never read any writing from him … and I must say that it was like seeing the film flow before my eyes. Tarantino, in fact, writes in a way so detailed, vivid and exciting that I did to figure out once more because it is a genius. Even a few months later, I attended the Chiller Convention in New York and met Bo Svenson who sold his script for Inglorious Basterds to $ 100: I once bought, so great was my desire to read another script written by Quentin. 

And you had the same reaction? 

You can bet on! also because Inglourious Basterds is a film which I loved. But let me tell you one thing: there’s a reason why Tarantino has become a star. The first time I saw Reservoir Dogs, in fact, I was very jealous and mad at Quentin for doing exactly the movie that I would do myself: tough, dynamic, and original file … with two balls as well. At the beginning I thought I had only luck that anyone azzeccando the right formula, he could do it. Then, after watching Pulp Fiction and everything else up to these last few weeks on the set of Django Unchained, I radically changed idea: he really is a genius. And the nice thing is that everything comes naturally, by an unbridled passion for cinema. On the set of Django felt him smile all the time: they have started shooting in November, now we are in May and have not finished yet, but Quentin is enjoying every single take, every minute on the set. 

This is a fun contagious, as was the atmosphere on set? 

Sure it is, his laugh is contagious and is in itself a very relaxed breathing. One day we were on lunch break and Quentin and I have started talking about horror movies and big stars of the past etc. …. well, since the next take, my name had been changed from Tracker Stue in Trucker Cheney as a tribute to the great Lon Chaney. These are small details, but I assure you that make the difference … and I could go on for hours praising Tarantino … 

Tell me one thing, you know the original Corbucci Django? 

I know him and I recently saw a documentary on the Spaghetti Western that analyzed very well … 

And … this version of Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds is comparable with the operation, which is a completely different film from the original Castellari which Quentin is just a tribute to recovering part of the title? 

Yes and no. In the sense that it is true that this is a totally different movie dall’orginale Italian but it is not true that this is a tribute as Quentin says openly to steal things like titles, etc. atmospheres. (Laughs) … and he was always so! 

You’ve known him so long? 

Always, since I worked in a video store in Manhattan Beach. Once was at a convention like this and I said, “Mr. Savini, I’m a big fan, she is a source of inspiration for me and I would be very grateful if you could come to the video store where I work to sign some tape.” I went there … and since he became director, called me to work for him five times. You see, since I’m nice to everyone, you never know who I happen to be facing another Quentin Tarantino in power! (Laughs) 

Can you tell me if Franco Nero appear in the film, even if only for a cameo? 

Oh yes, there will be. They told me that before I was on set for two or three weeks, I do not know what kind of role does, but it sure will be in the film. Besides, it was fairly obvious that Quentin wanted in the film the original Django!

And you with whom you worked in your scenes? 

With Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Di Caprio, but mostly with Leonardo. And I can say that Di Caprio is really interested in the project, so that you saw it on the set, totally in character, even when not directly involved, he was off stage to help the other actors, even if it was the last appearance of the day. His dedication has made me a great impression.

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